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Amsterdam Fringe The Rules Of Inflation

Drip drip drop, I wanna see those panties pop

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Balloons Theatre will be taking their award winning, highly-acclamimed, and (very) controversial show ‘The Rules of Inflation’ to AMSTERDAM FRINGE 2017. We will of course keep you updated with where and when to book tickets. You are not going to want to miss out on the chance to catch this!

We're in PRAGUE!

Well, Balloons Theatre have made it to PRAGUE. Book tickets here to come and see the show all this week and don’t miss out on what is sure to be the most controversial show at this years fringe!

Balloons Theatre at Prague Fringe 2017

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Ladies and gentleman the time is now to buy your tickets for ‘THE RULES OF INFLATION’ at Prague Fringe 2017. Performances are available from 29th May to 3rd June 2017 in the evening (times vary). This award wining production is set to take Prague by storm so book tickets now to avoid any disappointment. Book your tickets HERE.

Joshua Webb Prague Fringe 2017

One Room. Four People. One Master

Balloons Theatre The Rules of Inflation

Meet c.LoW N

I’m hip, I’m hop, I’m gonna make that party drop.


Meet Blue

Well, well, well... here she comes. It’s Blue. Slow, deflated and broken. Will she even be there to play the final game at the party? I don’t know - ask her. Compliant and well behaved, Blue isn’t the first on everyones party guest list, but yet she still never fails to arrive.


Meet Green!

Green. Yes ma’am. She knows what she likes and she likes what she knows. Ready for command and willing to go till the bitter end. Green is a fierce leader of the pack, but was she always this way?


Meet Pink!

Woah there girl! Simmer down, take a seat and give yourself a minute to breathe. Pink is as energetic as she is playful, but boy does she pack a punch. Loyalty comes naturally, but Pink is always ready to put herself first. Watch out for this one, never let her slip out of sight.

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